Tai Hang House Blend "Kanden" Season Q4/2020
Tai Hang House Blend "Kanden" Season Q4/2020
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Tai Hang House Blend "Kanden" Season Q4/2020

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Tai Hang House Blend "Kanden" Season Q4/2020

Ethiopia Guji Tabe Burka G1 Natural 25%
Colombia La Orquidea Fully Washed 15%
Brazil Fazenda San Fransisco Natural 60%

About the blend

In designing our second blend coffee, we would like to create a blend that is balanced, sweet, and mild, with a hint of acidity, a medium to full-bodied mouthfeel, and a strong aftertaste that is ideal for everyday drinking. Hence in choosing the component coffees for the blend, we look for a sweet base, a full-bodied satisfaction, and a lingering note to make our blend kicky.

The first component is a Brazil Natural that gives a full-body, low acidity, and a very sweet flavor. The coffee gives dark chocolate and roasted almond notes, caramel sweetness, and soft apple acidity.

The second component is a Colombia coffee for its smooth, medium-full mouthfeel and its malic acidity. This coffee itself has a cane sugar sweetness, a bright apple and grape acidity, a soft toffee note with a lingering finish. We add just enough to the blend to keep its sweetness and balance without making the acidity overwhelming.

The third component is an Ethiopia Natural coffee for its sweetness and acidity. Honey, Orange with a lingering black tea-like finish. We roasted slightly lighter to add complexity and possibilities to the blend.

About the profile

This blend yields a caramel and roasted almond aroma with a hint of blueberries, raisin chocolate with a hint of toffee and orange peel, soft apple, and citric acidity in the mouth followed by lingering orange chocolate and black tea-like aftertaste.

About roasting

We roast to a well-developed level to maximize its chocolate and brown sugar character without giving up its soft malic and citric character. An all-rounded coffee that suits Pot Brew, Black Coffee, Milk Coffee, and Iced Coffee.

Recommended Recipe

 Water Temperature


Brewing Ratio 18g in 40ml out