Blend Seasonal Q3/2020
Blend Seasonal Q3/2020
Studio Caffeine Roastery

Blend Seasonal Q3/2020

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Ethiopia Guji Hambela G1 Natural 50%
Colombia Edgard Ramirez Castillo Washed 50%

About the blend

In designing our signature house blend, we would like to create a coffee that we love to drink every day. Hence in choosing the component coffees for blend, we always look for a sweet base, a juicy satisfaction and a high note to make our blend distinctive.

The first component is a Ethiopian Guji Hambela natural coffee that gives a floral impression of chrysanthemum, a complex acidity with notes of orange and stone fruit and a medium body, round and smooth finish. The distinctive character of Ethiopian natural coffee has always had a special position in our collection and we always recommend this coffee to customer as the entry coffee to the world of specialty.

The second component is a Colombian Washed coffee from Huila that gives a good balance of full bodied, sweet note with a gentle acidity that perfectly supports the strong character of Ethiopian coffee. This coffee itself gives a mild yet complex orange and malic acidity, a juicy and round body and a strong browning sweetness.

About the profile

Floral impression of chrysanthemum, followed by an orange chocolate flavor.  Stone-fruit and brown sugar sweetness, medium body, juicy and round mouthfeel with a black tea and orange peel like aftertaste.

About roasting

We roast to a well-developed level to maximize its juicy and brown sugar character without giving up its complex citrus and malic character. An all-rounded coffee that suits Pot Brew, Black Coffee, Milk Coffee and Iced Coffee.