Brazil Mariana Matins L53
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Brazil Mariana Matins L53

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Divinolandia is a municipality with a population of just over 11,000 inhabitants with a hilly geography, mild climate, good altitudes as well as micro-climates. The region's landscapes are worth framing and it is in this magical place that the sites of Mariana and Paulo are located.

Winners of the best natural category coffee award in Sao Paulo in 2019, together they manage 8 hectares of land. It is easy to see the trust and cooperation in the couple's aligned work and the admiration between them appears very naturally during the conversations. The daily routine on the farm is intense as they usually get up before 5 am to handle all the work.

At the Mariana and Paulo sites - SItio Sao Jose, Sitio Santa Rosa and Sitio Santa Terezinha - there are coffee trees of all ages. From plants that are in their first year of life to "ladies" over 30 years old. The 'Sitio Sao Jose' was inherited from Mari's father. In the past, the production system was focused on commodity but over the years Mariana and Paulo have been more and more involved with production of specialty coffee adapting and strengthening the business model into quality.

The choices of varieties and processes are made from studies and experiences, adding an extensive work of observation. Mariana realized that coffees planted in pairs are happier and produce better. Those who live with nature have the incredible opportunity to learn to interpret it. They know from empirical knowledge that land quality results in coffee quality. And that is why the lands of the farms are fertilized with natural fertilizer, produced right there, from organic waste from coffee and cows. 

The peel that comes out of the coffee milling process goes to the shed where the cows are and there it stays for a whole year, enriching this material daily. After this period, the residue is collected, analysed, supplemented and applied to the field/ The result is a powerful natural fertilizer rich in potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus. This process takes work, but it pays off as the economic and environmental impact generated is significant. Because not only is the fertilizer produced from the coffee's own waste but due to the strong health of the plants, the application of pesticides becomes unnecessary further reducing cost and impacts on the environment.

As a veterinarian who is passionate about cows Mariana has invested a great deal into handling dairy cows. With a strong entrepreneurial approach, the couple has created ways to combine the two activities. Not only in the production of natural fertilizer, but also in the marketing of other quality products associated with coffee consumption such as milk and, in the future, cheese as well.

Mariana and Paulo are visionary entrepreneurs who are very aware of the potential of the place they live. They search and study practices adopted in other regions to absorb the best references and apply in Divinolandia always seeking continuous improvement towards quality.


Origin Brazil
Region Divinolandia, Sao Paulo
Farm Santa Rosa / Sao Jose
Variety Mundo Novo
Altitude 1,280masl
Proc. Method Natural


Tasting Notes:
Yellow fruits, spices, malt, malic acidity & silky mouthfeel

.Whole Bean Coffee: 200g
・Current stock within 14 days of roasting or reserve for the next batch.