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*EAELY BIRD* "EVENT" Where the beans PARTY party

*EAELY BIRD* "EVENT" Where the beans PARTY party

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Join us at our Jordan shop on 26th July(Friday) to pre-celebrate our 10th anniversary and the debut of Feh Jau.
This year marks our 10th anniversary, we and Carbon Brews, the two local brands who have been crafting deliciousness in Fotan for a long time, had teamed up to create "Feh Jau", a coffee stout infused with your favourite Trinity Blend. Keeping you caffeinated and tipsy at the same time(?).

By purchasing this ticket you can enjoy:
- Debut of the SCxCB "Feh Jau" draft beer on tap
- Snacks
- Our signature Tiramisu
- DJ KOLAK live performence(1900-2200)
- Special Cocktails Menu(charge seperately)

- loads of laugher

You can also bring a can of "Feh Jau" back home!
Come celebrate and toast with us to our 10th anniversary. Don't miss the chance to be the first to taste Feh Jau before anyone else!!

Mark實日期 7月26號晚上7點,喺我哋佐敦店,同我哋一齊慶祝 我哋嘅第十個週年 以及 啡酒(Feh Jau)嘅首次亮相!
今年係我哋嘅十週年,我哋同Carbon Brews, 兩個本地品牌,聯手製造出一款Coffee Stout, infuse 咗你最喜愛嘅Trinity Blend。令你同時精神又微醺🥴。

- "啡酒"首次亮相 
- 小食
- 自家製招牌Tiramisu
- DJ KOLAK嘅現場表演 (1900-2200)
- 特別雞尾酒(另外收費)
- 你嘅笑聲



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