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filter Blend KICKBACK Q4/2023

filter Blend KICKBACK Q4/2023

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Filter Blend #1 "Kickback" Season Q4/2023

Colombia COE #15 El Mirador Anaerobic Honey 50%
Indonesia Anaerobic Wet-hulled 50%

About the profile

White florals and white fruits, We blend this to curate a cup that is smooth and relieving to drink everyday. The high sweetness in the colombian washed geisha well complemented the high acidity in the Indonesia anaerobic honey coffee, without shading each other's citric and malic character. 

About roasting

We roast to a well-developed level to maximize its honey character without giving up its citric and malic character. I like it brewed with batch brewer, flat bed dripper showcases its sweetness, a conical dripper highlights its acidity. 

Recommended Recipe

 Water Temperature


Brewing Ratio

15g to 240ml


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.Whole Bean Coffee: 168g
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