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[Green] Indonesia Sumatra Gayo Sesongot Aulia Khafi Anaerobic Honey

[Green] Indonesia Sumatra Gayo Sesongot Aulia Khafi Anaerobic Honey

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Aulia Kahfi has expanded his business by purchasing cherry from neighboring farmers. His lots are consistently delicious. This Natural lot is a juicy, fruity delight with tropical fruit, berries and an overall sweetness.

'Sesongot' is the name for a beautiful caterpillar native to Gayo that is commonly found hanging about in the coffee trees. Aulia chose to name his experimentally and special processed coffees after the creature due to its unique and very special appearance!


Clementine, Cranberry, Cherry, Tropical


ID-Tag: PG-0186

FARM/COOP/STATION: Rakyat Farm and about 15 neighboring outgrowers
VARIETAL: Abyssinia, Ateng, Caturra, Gayo, Timtim, Typica
PROCESSING: Anaerobic Honey
ALTITUDE: 1,300 to 1,600 meters above sea level
OWNER: Aulia Kahpi
REGION: Sumatra
FARM SIZE: 1 hectare on average
Harvest Months:

April-June (main crop) & Nov-Jan; year-round (fly crop)


  • Available at 1000g packaging.
  • This product is unroasted coffee beans.


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