SC Lunar Gift Box 2021
SC Lunar Gift Box 2021
SC Lunar Gift Box 2021
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SC Lunar Gift Box 2021

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What's inside the box?

1) Panama Finca Deborah “ECHO” Geisha Cascara Infused CM 50g


About the coffee

ECHO - Echo was recently used to place 2nd in the World Barista Championship, 2019. It is a washed Carbonic Macerated, Cascara infused Geisha and starts with harvesting Geisha cherries reading 21-24 on the BRIX scale. The cherries are then carefully selected for a second time before processing. After pulping, Cascara, the skin of the coffee cherry, is added into the tank and mixed within the freshly pulped coffee. The coffee is then tanked for an extended period exceeding 50 hours and is constantly monitored and data cataloged. PH, temperature, and CO2 levels are the primary units carefully observed. Ambient temperatures are monitored and controlled to ensure linearity in processing and CO2 infused, periodically.

About the cup profile

Lavender, Rose, Bergamot, Lychee, Blueberries, Tangerine, Tea Rose finish. Incredibly sweet and mouth-watering, juicy and very smooth.


2) Best of Panama 2020 Auction Lot 50g (LUCKY DRAW!!)


Each box will have one coffee from the BOP Auction 2020


3) Colombia Finca El Vergel Shady Bader Java Mandarin Anaerobic 100g


Produced by Shady Bader at Finca El Vergel.

This lot was exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation of 48 hours, during the fermentation mandarin juice was added to the anaerobic environment.

Later the coffee was pulped, gently washed and placed on raised beds with dehydrated mandarin peel below 35 degrees Celsius until ideal moisture content was achieved. 

Origin Colombia
Region Tolima
Farm Finca El Vergel
Variety Java
Altitude 1,700-1,800 masl
Proc. Method Natural - Mandarin Fermentation


Floral, dried peach, red apple, mandarin and caramel


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  • $480/box (Total 200 grams of coffee)

  • Roast Date: 3-4 Feb, 2021

  • All orders will be shipped between 8-9 Feb, 2021.