Costa Rica


Lively acidity, lighter body, smooth, sweet and floral. Costa Rican coffee is elegant, we look for the cleanest coffee and roasted in lighter to highlight its sweetness and aromatics.

Recommended for Filter Coffee.

Current Crops


Country Profile

Size - 51,100 sq km

Capital City - San José

Port City - Puerto Limón

Population - 4,875,00

Language/s Spoken - Spanish (official), English

Producer Profile

Population Involved in Coffee - 47,137 families (2017)

Average Farm Yield - Nearly 70% of the coffee comes from producers with less than 200 exportable bags annual production

Bags Exported Annually - 1.2–1.5 million bags


Coffee Profile

Growing Regions - Central Valley, West Valley, Guanacaste, Tres Ríos, Turrialba, Orosi, Brunca, Tarrazú

Common Varieties - Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon, Villa Sarchi, Villa Lobos, SL-28, Gesha

Processing Method/s - Washed, Natural, Honey

Country-Specific Grading - SHB (Strictly Hard Bean, grown above 1,350 meters), GHB (Good Hard Bean - grown from 1,000–1188 meters), HB (Hard Bean), MHB (Medium Hard Bean)

Bag Size - 69 kg

Harvest Period - December–April

Typical Arrival - May–July