Brewing Guide


Our recommended espresso standard is as follows :-

 Brewing Temperature
92'c - 94'c
 Brewing Time 25 sec - 30 sec
 Brewing Ratio 18-20g in ; 40-44ml out
 Grind Size Fine (take Brewing time as reference)
 Date after roasting 2 weeks to 6 weeks for best result

If you are completely new to the delicious world of espresso and have trouble setting up an espresso machine, we are happy to help. Join our workshop (coming soon) or give us a message and we will figure out for you remotely.


Filter coffees

Our recommended filter coffee standard is as follows :-

 Brewing Temperature
91'c - 93'c
 Total Brewing Time 120 sec - 150 sec
 Brewing Ratio 15-16g in ; 250ml out
 Grind Size Medium to Coarse (take Brewing time as reference)
 Date after roasting 1 weeks to 8 weeks for best result

Filter coffee standard largely depends the medium (dripper and filter media) you are using. Our standard at Studio Caffeine is Kalita Wave 155 Dripper. Stay tuned for our in depth brewing guide for other brewing methods.