Collection: Subscriptions

Welcome onboard where we are sharing with you some of the hidden gem in the specialty coffee world around the world.


Our vision, is to showcase the beauty of specialty coffee around the world by sending out the best coffee in a most affortable price to you, $120/168g per bag in this case. With the coffee lover like you, together we can explore the coffee world more every month.
New into specialty coffee? Worry not, you won't regrat it as well.

hassle-free, to your door-step

Quality -  Only Fresh Roasted. Be The First To Taste On Our New Arrival.
Sometimes Exclusive To Our Subsriptors.
Diversity - 52 weeks, 52 different coffee.
Shipping - One Price. Ship directly to your door-step
Savings - $120/168g per delivery. Leaving you some room to try our others selections.
Flexibility - Deliver Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly. Your choice.

How the subscription works?

Weekly, bi-weekly, every 4 weeks or every 8 weeks subscription, choose your own frequency.

- We send out the coffee every Friday.

- Subscribe on OR before Thursday for th upcoming WEEK's coffee.


How the recharge works?
- Once you Sign-up into our subscirption, after your initial order, auto-charge will be reoccur on Wednesday for your next coffee. Depending on the frequency of your choice.

- Please join refering to the below Calendar.

You can always manage your subscription by logging into your account.

Guide to the journey

Yes, different coffee from week to week. And we have planed 52 weeks ahead. We will send to coffee every Friday.

We divide the whole year into a 4 weeks loops.

WEEK1| New Release, competition lot, top notch coffee
WEEK2| New roasting concept exploring. From roasting to seasonal blend.
WEEK3| Revisiting our existing range of coffee. Improved and better then ever.
WEEK4| New varities, processing discovering.

Join the subscription
29/3 - 4/4 for WEEK2 loop;
19-25/4 for WEEK1 loop etc
Choose your desire frequency to achieve different combination of coffee.

Please subscribe accordingly to meet your need.

How to decide the subscribe frequency?

We will send out different coffee from week to week. 168g every delivery. And auto recharge according to your subscription frequency. Please read on if you need some recommendations on how to pick your right interval.

The following recommendations are based on subscriber place their subscription order WITHIN the order period for WEEK1.(Please refer to the above section.)

  • If you are keen for trying new releases from time to time. We suggest you to subscribe 4 WEEKS interval. And you will receive our WEEK1 coffee every 4 WEEKS.

  • If you are looking for not only new releases but also revisiting our range of coffee and support our works.
    2 WEEKS interval is for you. And you will receive WEEK1 coffee on 1st week & WEEK3 coffee on 3rd week. You know, you can always revisit the revisit. You'er welcome.

  • If you are the coffee addictives like we do. WEEKLY interval is designed for you. You will receive different coffee every WEEK.

  • If you wish to taste every new release coffee from head to toe, slowly, relaxingly, 8WEEKS interval is definitly you go to. You will receive WEEK1 coffee every 8WEEKS, i.e. 2MONTHS.