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Filter coffee, espresso, grinder, dripper, glassware... everything you need to brew a good coffee is here awaits.

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We offer espresso roast and filter roast coffee, and green coffee beans as well!!


This is for those of you who wants to explore more on coffee's terrior, whether you are looking for an aromatic Ethiopian coffee, unique Colombian coffee or sweet Salvadoran coffee.


Variety is the backbone of a coffee's cup profile. Not only do we offer single variety, we also have some rare species you should not miss! Yet sometimes, mixed varieties can offer a more balanced and sweet cup, most important of all, they are usually more wallet-friendly.


If you are new to the world of specialty coffee, know that processing dictates the cup profile.

  • Washed

    Washed coffee usually have a more bright profile and clean cup. It displays the beauty of the terrior and variety.

  • Natural

    Natural coffee can offer a complex profile, sometime sweeter and fruitier than washed ones, tasting notes like tropical, berries, chocolate are commonly used to describe a natural coffee.

  • Honey

    Honey processed coffee is kinda in between a washed one and a natural one. They can offer a clean cup like washed ones also display sweetness and complexity similar to a natural coffee.

  • Anaerobic

    Anaerobic coffees are unique. They can be very different from one to another, depense on the conditions of the anaerobic process, such as temperture, container, duration and method. But we do find grapes-like tasting experience commonly appears on an anaerobic processed coffee.

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There are more and more ways to ferment and process a coffee. Join us on the journey of discovery. 

Dominated Character

When we have first time customers visiting our cafes and telling us they are a "specialty coffee virgin", the very first question we always ask is " Are you in the mood for something fruity, sweet or aromatic? "

  • Fruity

    refers to a coffee with medium to high acidity

    • Citrusy
    • Berries-like
    • Malic / Stonefruit
    • Tropical
  • Sweet

    refers to a coffee with low to medium acidity

    • Fruits
    • Chocolaty
    • Nutty
    • Sugary
  • Aromatic

    refers to coffees with some unique aromatic notes

    • Spicy
    • Herbal
    • Floral
    • Tea-like
    • Winey
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Looking for you everyday coffee? Want something with a classic profile? Feeling adventurous and wild? Or, if you have no idea what your heart desire at the moment, why not check out our roaster's current favourites and seasonal selections.

As fellow coffee drinkers we know the struggle of decidophobia is real. If you have further questions feel free to reach us via Facebook or Instagram inbox.

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