About Us

Studio Caffeine strives to bring guests the most extraordinary beans roasted right here in Hong Kong with first-class quality, and yet at the most wallet-friendly prices. Each sip of the cuppa comprises a collective hard work of farmers, coffee producers, roasters, baristas

and YOU, our fellow coffee drinkers.

We are dedicated to giving you the perfect cuppa every time, an experience of sensation that allows you to discover the pleasure and beauty in coffee.

And, welcome to

" where the beans party "

Our Story

Now with 10 years of experience, Studio Caffeine is all about proficiency, creativity, and enthusiasm. It all started with passion and love for the great specialty coffee, we are delighted to be a part of the local specialty coffee community, where we learn, compete, and keep improving, pushing the boundaries of your cup experience.

SC Hong Kong Fo Tan specialty coffee roastery

Our Approach

Aside from our retail stores in Jordan, North Point, and Fotan, we started our roasting business in 2018, to showcase the truly best form of cup experience from the lovely coffee. We value traceability as critical as quality, that we directly source most of our coffee from the farm, to give you the best knowledge of how specialty coffee can be. 

All of the coffees are freshly roasted locally at our roastery in Fotan. Each batch of coffee is handpicked, de-stoned, color sorted, quality checked, and timely packed, by our staff with care. We want to make sure you taste the essence from seed to cup and enjoy the coffee as we do.

SC north point specialty cafe coffee shop team member

Our Team

Some of us dedicated in the art of microfoam, some in brewing the perfect cup, some in searching the finest and some in sharing all of those with you. We practiced, we tripped and we gained. We are all in the coffee business out of pure passion. It is our intention to bring to you the finest experience of taste, aroma and sight.

We are like a big family bounded by the blood named coffee.