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Blend #6 CHOCOLATY Q1/2022

Uganda Kasese Mubuku Natural 60%

Papua New Guinea Lamari Washed 40%

About the blend 

In designing our sixth blend coffee, we are looking for a chocolate dominated coffee,yet very balanced ,sweet with a hint of acidity, a medium to full-bodied mouthfeel ,and a long-lasting aftertaste.

The first component is an Uganda Natural that gives a full-body, low acidity, and a very sweet flavor. The coffee gives dark chocolate and honey notes, caramel sweetness, and soft malic acidity.

The second component is a Papua New Guinea coffee for its smooth, medium-full mouthfeel and its malic acidity. This coffee itself has a cane sugar sweetness, a bright apple and grape acidity, a soft toffee note with a lingering finish. We add just enough to the blend to keep its sweetness and balance without making the acidity overwhelming.

Flavour Note
Orange Chocolate, Grapes, Malic, Toffee, Nougat