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Olfactive Library Kit Vol. I: FIGURE of FLAVOUR

Olfactive Library Kit Vol. I: FIGURE of FLAVOUR

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The Figure of Flavour Kit is a sensory training kit designed for coffee lovers and professionals wondering more on the formation of flavours. The FF kit includes 27 essential aromatic compounds that were found in coffee, food and other botanicals.

Come join us on building your very own Olfactive Library.

This kit set comes with:

  • Built-in display holder
  • Handbook with note pages and details on each compound
  • Professional smelling strips 200pcs
  • 27 Aromatic Compounds (3ml each):
1-octen-3-ol 1%
2-Isobutylthiazole 1%
2-Methoxy-3-Isopropyl Pyrazine 1%
2,3-Dimethyl Pyrazine 1%
Benzaldehyde 10%
Benzyl Acetate 10%
Beta Damascone 10%
Beta Ionone 10%
Cis-3-Hexenol 10%
Citronellyl Acetate 10%
Diacetyl 1%
Ethyl Isovalerate 10%
Eugenol 10%
Farnesol 10%
Furaneol 5%
Gamma Decalactone 1%
Geraniol 10%
Guaiacol 1%
Hexyl Acetate 10%
Isoamyl Acetate 10%
Isobutyl Phenyl Acetate 10%
Limonene 10%
Linalool 10%
Methyl Anthranilate 10%
Methyl Salicylate 10%
Perilla Aldehyde 10%
Vanillin 10%


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