Lot "Cinnamon" - Colombia Andres Guaca Pink Bourbon Honey
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Lot "Cinnamon" - Colombia Andres Guaca Pink Bourbon Honey

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 Grown by Andres Guaca at Finca Guacanas.

This coffee was exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation of 72 hours with the pulp on, during the fermentation tartaric acid and cinnamon was added.

Afterwards, cherries were pulped and left to dry on raised beds to 10.5% moisture content.


Origin Colombia
Region San Adolfo, Huila
Farm Finca Guacanas
Variety Pink Bourbon
Altitude 1,700-1,900 masl
Proc. Method Anaerobic Honey + Cinnamon


Dark fruits, cacao, cinnamon, spices, floral and sweet chocolate

.Whole Bean Coffee: 200g
・Current stock within 14 days of roasting or reserve for the next batch.