Panama Finca Deborah Lot ILLUMINATION (2021 crop)
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Panama Finca Deborah Lot ILLUMINATION (2021 crop)

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This coffee has won several competitions worldwide and continues to impress every person who comes in contact with its extraordinary aromas and flavors. It is also constantly improving and refining the experience.

Deborah’s Geisha grows slowly on beautiful trees and at extreme altitude contributing to superior aromas and flavors.

Jamison understands that a holistic ecosystem is essential to responsible coffee production where sustainability is key. Excellent raw material combined with powerful knowledge and experience produces excellent products. 

Post-picking, the pulped coffee is added to a stainless steel sealable container. Carbon dioxide is injected to slow down the dissolution of sugars in the grain. The pH decreases and the concentration of ions increase which indicate an increase in acidity. The power of hydrogens certainly has an effect on this process: Carbonic Maceration removes most oxygen from the fermentation process, injecting the properties of the grain which are resulting in more fruit-dominant and full-bodied coffees.

The Washed Carbonic Macerated Geisha and current China Barista Championship coffee. This coffee was recently used to place 4th in the World Barista Championship, Boston, 2019 and has has won numerous national championships. The process starts with harvesting perfectly ripe Geisha cherries reading 21-24 on BRIX. Cherries are then carefully selected for a second time before processing. The pulped coffee is then tanked for an extended period with constant monitoring and cataloging of PH, temperature, and CO2 levels. After the required time inside the CO2 infused tanks the coffee is removed, then placed on shaded, raised, African beds. Direct sunlight is avoided as the intense UV and heat can cause cracking in parchment. Temperatures, heat, and humidity are controlled inside the dry houses and are carefully maintained.

Origin Panama
Region Volcan, Chiriqui
Farm Finca Deborah
Variety Geisha Green Tip
Altitude 1,950 masl
Proc. Method Carbonic Macerated Washed


.Whole Bean Coffee: 100g/200g
・Current stock within 14 days of roasting or reserve for the next batch.