Peru Geisha Finca La Bola Taza Dorada Fully Washed
Peru Geisha Finca La Bola Taza Dorada Fully Washed
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Peru Geisha Finca La Bola Taza Dorada Fully Washed

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Our Impression

Honey Floral
Sweet Orange

About this coffee

Fredy’s farm has ideal conditions for specialty coffee production. The soil has a pH between 5.0 and 6.0 and the texture is loam and sandy loam. He maintains the nutrient-rich soil by applying fertilizer 4 times per year. His fertilizer is comprised of composted pulp, guano (bird feces rich in nitrogen) and potassium sulfate.

Fredy’s Geisha trees were planted in 2018. In addition to Geisha, he also cultivates Bourbon, Typica nad Caturra varieties. These trees are grown in the shade of guava, pine, laurel and cedar trees.

Harvest & Post-Harvest

Fredy trains all his staff in selective hand harvesting to ensure that only the ripe, red cherry is selected. Cherry is pulped the same day on an electric pulper and fermented in concrete tanks for 18 to 24 hours. Fredy washes coffee in clean water to remove remaining mucilage. Wastewater on the farm is filtered to protect the environment and local waterways. Once clean, parchment is shaken through screens that remove broken or misshapen beans. Parchment is laid on raised beds in parabolic dryers. Parchment is raked frequently to ensure even drying. It takes approximately 15 to 20 days for parchment to dry.  


CENFROCAFE began in October 1999 in Palla Peña, a town in Tabaconas, a district of San Ignacio. Originally named Central de Asociaciones, the group was formed by 11 associations that represented a total of 220 producers.  

The cooperative soon grew beyond its original purposes and began working with CEPICAFE, a cooperative for smallholders in Peru. CENFROCAFE exported its first 60 containers with help from CEPICAFE in 2006 and in 2009, became a direct exporter itself. Today, CENFROCAFE boasts over 3,000 members, organized into 84 associations.  

CENFROCAFE’s work on improving member livelihoods and increasing coffee quality has already seen significant results. Farmers with CENFROCAFE have an average yield of 1,133 kilograms, about 18.8-60kg bags per hectare. This is almost a full 60kg bag more than the average organic yield of 1,080 kilogram, or 18-60kg bags per hectare. For farmers with smaller plots, this can make an enormous difference in their income and ultimately, their lives.  

To accomplish this, they focus on the educational, financial and social needs of their members. CENFROCAFE provides trainings at both the farmer and association level on best agricultural practices in organic coffee farming, infrastructural improvements and more. A solidarity fund helps associations make inputs such as organic fertilizers more accessible for farmers. Additional funds, bolstered by the Fairtrade Social Premium, help farmers pay for healthcare, funerals, farm maintenance and improvements and more. The Social Premium also funds several awareness and prevention days to help communities increase overall health.  

Origin Peru
Finca La Bola
Producer Fredy Bermeo Guevara
Variety Geisha
Altitude 1,800  masl
Proc. Method Fully Washed


.Whole Bean Coffee: 200g
・Current stock within 14 days of roasting or reserve for the next batch.