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PNG Nebilyer Plantation Honey

PNG Nebilyer Plantation Honey

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Region:Western Highlands 
Farm:Nebilyer Plantation
Farmer:James & Rita Leahy
VarietyArusha | Bourbon | Typica
Altitude1,350 - 1,550 masl
Our Impression: Purple Grape | Blackcurrant | Honeysuckle | Monk Fruit

James and Rita Leahy has been focusing on high-quality while being socially-minded. 98% of Nebilyer’s employees are from the surrounding communities. They also involved in community and social projects including female empowerment, agricultural extension, school programs, sports groups for children etc.
Cherry is selectively handpicked then floated to remove any underripe and pulped on a MacKinnon disc pulper. Parchment and remaining mucilage is laid on patios and raised beds to dry. Parchment is raked frequently to ensure even drying. It takes approximately 8 to 12 days for parchment to dry. Process really brings out the good result we enjoyed a lot, juicy and sweet.

James doesn't stop at just good coffee but also design the wet mill to work with the environment. All cherry pulp is reused as fertiliser on the plantation and surrounding farms. Wastewater is treated through 3 settling ponds and a self-designed sand filtration system. James keeps frogs and fish in the last step, an open drain way, to help him monitor water quality. Finally, water filters through 300 meters of thick vegetation before being released into waterways.


.Whole Bean Coffee: 168g

・Current stock within 14 days of roasting or reserve for next batch.


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.Whole Bean Coffee: 168g
・Current stock within 14 days of roasting or reserve for the next batch.

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