Panama and Geisha have been almost synonymous. We source primarily through Auctions - the best lots for the best baristas.

Reserve with us for the explicit and exceptional experience.

Current Crops

Best of Panama Auction 2020 PAC-02
Damarli  Noble Pacamara - E441

Pacamara | Macerated Fermentation | 1500 masl
Maraschino, Riesling, Cocoa, Purple Plum, Rum Raisin

Savage Coffee Auction 2020 - Finca Deborah  Lot 11a
“Echo” Cascara Infused Carbonic Macerated Geisha
Geisha | Macerated Fermentation | 1900masl
Lavender, Honeysuckle, Rose, Lychee, Tropical, Tangerine, Jasmine

Hacienda La Esmeralda Geisha 1500 Natural
Geisha | Natural | 1500masl
Lavender, Musk, Kumquat, Toffee, Cocoa Nibs, Raspberry


Country Profile

Size -  75,420 sq km

Capital City - Panama City

Population - 3,705,246 (July 2016)

Language/s Spoken - Spanish (official), various indigenous languages, Panamanian English Creole (aka Guari Guari)

Producer Profile

Average Farm Size - < 1–10 hectares

Bags Exported Annually -  50,000–100,000 bags


Coffee Profile

Growing Regions - Boquete, Renacimiento, Volcán

Common Varieties - Catuai, Caturra, Geisha, Mundo Novo

Processing Method - Washed, Natural

Bag Size - 60 kg

Harvest Period - November–March

Typical Arrival - April–July