Papua New Guinea


PNG coffees have a delicate acidity, a very strong body and a mild and mellow taste balance. We find it very suitable for blending as its texture greatly support both black and white coffee.

Recommended for Blended, Single Origin Espresso and Filter Coffee

Current Crops

PNG Eastern Highlands Tairora AX Fully Washed
Mixed | Washed | 1700-1850 masl
Floral, Milk Chocolate, Peach, Plum

PNG Eastern Highlands Baroida Estate AX Fully Washed
Mixed | Washed | 1700-1850 masl
Cane Sugar, Orange, Apple, Spiced, Green Tea


Country Profile

Size - 462,840 sq km

Capital City - Port Moresby

Main Port City - Port Moresby

Population - 6,909,701

Language/s Spoken - Tok Pisin (official), English (official), Hiri Motu (official), nearly 840 indigenous languages

Producer Profile

Population Involved in Coffee - 280,000 smallholder farmers

Typical Farm Size - 1–30 hectares

Bags Exported Annually - 100,000 bags


Coffee Profile

Growing Regions - Chivu, Eastern Highlands, Western Highlands

Common Varieties - Arusha, Blue Mountain, Typica

Processing Methods - Washed

Country-Specific Grades - Grading here is a semi-complex system following not simply screen size, but also color, shape, defects, aroma, and cup quality. Grades include A, X, AX, PSC, Y1, and so on

Bag Size - 60 kg

Harvest Period - May–September (main crop), January–February (fly crop)

Typical Arrival - October–November