Uganda primarily produce Robusta but Arabica has a growing position in the country. The Central-Africa produced coffee yields a strong body and a dark stone fruit tone that could be a very good blender option.

Recommended for Blended Espresso.

Current Crops

Uganda - Kasese Mukubu Natural
SL14 | Natural | 13o0-2000 masl
Chocolate, Nougat, Stone fruit, Redcurrant


Country Profile

Size -  241,037 sq km

Capital City - Kampala

Main Port City - Port Bell

Population - 42.7 million (July 2018)

Language/s Spoken - English, Swahili


Producer Profile

Population Involved in Coffee - roughly 1.7mil farmers/permanent farm workers  
Typical Farm Size - 0.5 hectare–10,000 hectares
Bags Exported Annually - 4,305,597 bags (2018)

Coffee Profile

Growing Regions - Mountain Elgon Region, Rwenzori Region, mountains of Zeu in Zombo District

Common Varieties - SL28 / SL14 /
KP 423 / Kent / Typica

Processing Methods - Washed and Natural

Bag Size - 60 kg

Harvest Period - Oct - Jan (Main Crop Arabica), Apr-Jul (Fly Crop)
Typical Arrival - October - January, February - March