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El Salvador Finca El Conacaste Private Auction Lot "Mystic Mirage"

El Salvador Finca El Conacaste Private Auction Lot "Mystic Mirage"

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Origin:  El Salvador
Region: Santa Ana, Alotepec, Metapan
Farm:El Conacaste
FarmerGiancarlo Rusconi
Variety Geisha
Altitude 1,550 ~ 1800 masl
Processing: Natural
Our Impression: 

Aroma: Orange Blossom, Lemon Tea, Honeysuckle, Biluochun, Fresh Orange

When Hot: Lemon Tea, Biluochun, Candied Orange Peel
When Warm: Apricot, Dried Raspberry
When Cool: Gentian, Cointreau

Aftertaste: Lemon Tea, Gentian, Cointreau

When Hot: Lemonade
When Warm: Orange, Meyer Lemon
When Cool: Dried Raspberry

When Hot: Candied Orange Peel, Orange Granita
When Warm: Apricot, Honeysuckle
When Cool: Cointreau, Lemon Curd

Smooth and silky

This is our second coffee from Giancarlo, Finca El Conacaste since we had their #1 Cup Of Excellence El Salvador coffee last year. We started to build up a relationship since then and we even participated into their private auction which brought us this gem, Mystic Mirage, in order to support their hard work in El Salvador.
Thanks to the dedicated producer and coffee pickers, coffee from El Conacaste tends to be super clean, floral with fresh citrusy character. They always pick the cherry at its sweetest stage. And they took well care of it. Which result in a clean, aromatic, sweet and refreshing in cup. In particular, this geisha lot stood out from other auction lot sample on our cupping table and was giving us image of orange juice, think and smooth texture, floral and complex flavors. As if we are having a fine glass of alcohol-free Old Fashion.

Geisha is no doubt one of the most popular coffee varieties. Usually, people would describe Geisha as light body, outstanding floral and citrus flavor, and comes along with bright acidity. Seemingly, this is an accurate description of geisha. Until one day, we came across this Mystic Mirage, a geisha that not only contains common geisha’s vibrant flavors, but also maintains a rich body and long smooth aftertaste, which makes it a well-balanced coffee with great potential. 

About the process
This lot has an average Brix reading of 23%, showcasing its high sugar content. Finca El Conacaste's unique drying process benefits from low humidity and infrequent rain, plays a crucial role in enhancing the flavor. They aim for consistency throughout, ensuring each cherry, grown under a canopy of cypress trees, is harvested at its optimal ripeness. The cherries are then meticulously turned by hand every 30 minutes over a 45-day drying period. Additionally, this particular lot was harvested during the full moon phase, adding a special touch to its cultivation.


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